The Siren's Song Tavern

Craft Beer Bar, 16 beers on draught, espresso, free wifi, small plates and great soup. Warm and cozy place with lots of seating.

Upcoming events

Tuesday, May 29


The Siren's Song Tavern / 7:30-10:30 a.m. / $5

Badass Riffs and Sick Mosh Parts from Chicago, Illinois.

442-8778 / disbeatcrasher@gmail.com / Web site

Wednesday, May 30

Necrot, Dullahan, Burning Hash, DMT

The Siren's Song Tavern / 7-11:45 p.m. / $7

Oakland death metal titans Necrot return to Humboldt on their way up to Seattle for Northwest Terrorfest.

442-8778 / thesirenssongtavern@gmail.com / Web site

Saturday, June 9

Fever Dog

The Siren's Song Tavern / 8:30-1:30 p.m. / $7

"Experience the powerful heavy rock band Fever Dog. With their authentic sound of true rock 'n roll, Tyler Jensen on lead vocals and guitar, Gene Boris on drums, and Matt Berg on bass, play originals."

442-8778 / feverdogofficialband@gmail.com / Web site