Ruby Rose & Arianna Jade

Ruby and Ari are two talented singer-songwriter sisters hailing from the Pacific Northwest.
Their music embodies a unique blend of catchy pop melodies, indie-folk instrumentation, and a heartwarming sisterly harmony.
Growing up in a musical family, Ruby and Ari were constantly surrounded by the sounds of various instruments and genres. From a young age, they both showed an innate talent for singing and songwriting.
In 2018, they released their debut EP, which received critical acclaim and led to several festival appearances.
Their music is deep and reflective, exploring themes such as self-discovery, perseverance, and love.
Ruby and Ari's lyrics are inspired by personal experiences and are intended to resonate with listeners on an emotional level.
They continue to captivate audiences with their live performances, which are filled with energy, emotion, and crowd participation. With their exceptional harmonies and poignant lyrics, Ruby and Ari are quickly becoming a must-see act in the indie-folk scene.