The Poor of New York

A classic American melodrama adapted for our times

As part of a celebration of 50 years of creations, Dell’Arte International presents an original adaptation of the classic melodrama, THE POOR OF NEW YORK at the Baduwa’t Festival 2024.

Power, Corruption and Greed will be wrapped in Dell’Arte’s special brand of physical comedy and imbued with original music. A financial crash, a government shutdown, and some people growing rich off others misfortune (sound familiar?) play at the center of the story. An immigrant family; a whimsical, opportunistic thief; and lots of folks struggling with new found poverty inform a plot told through the lens of classic melodrama, a powerful theatrical form where good —eventually— wins out.

Directed by Michael Fields, featuring the amazing band of Marla Joy, Tim Randles, Jeff Kelley, and Mike LaBolle and a cast of incredible “Dell’Artians”, THE POOR OF NEW YORK will be performed nightly in Dell’Arte’s amphitheater. It promises a theatrical wildness, lots of local references, and the vivid theatrical style of melodrama—called the “naturalism of your dreams”. It will all weave into a performance that will resonate in our times and engender both laughter and tears. It is true “popular” (of the people) theatre, and Dell’Arte’s pioneering “theater of place” will be fully at play.