Science on Tap: Wild Foraging on the North Coast

This month, we're diving into the enchanting world of Wild Foraging on the North Coast at our upcoming Science on Tap event! Join us for an evening dedicated to exploring the bounties of nature as we uncover the intricate art of foraging and appreciation for our local wilderness.

Our adventure kicks off at 6pm! Be sure to arrive early to secure your spot, tantalize your taste buds with delicious BBQ, and quench your thirst with a crisp beverage from Mad River Brewery.

The weather is warming and the cozy ambiance of the covered patio is enhanced by patio heaters, but don't forget to bring a backup sweater for optimal comfort as we delve into the wonders of wild foraging.

Science on Tap fosters collaboration among local advocates for natural resources. Let's create a platform for sharing ideas and inspire resilience in environmental restoration for generations to come. Join us in building an inclusive space that welcomes everyone into the environmental community, making knowledge accessible and enjoyable for all in a laid-back and fun setting. See you there!