Recognize Yourself as Soul – A Sound of Soul Event

“Soul? What is Soul? You are Soul!

“Soul is a divine part of God. All that remains is for you to recognize yourself. And to recognize yourself as a divine part of God, you must first — and more than anything else — recognize every living thing also as this part of God. We are in this Ocean of Love and Mercy.

“If there is nothing else than love in life, there is more than enough for all. So take this love that dwells in you and give it to the world.”
—Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 8

The Sound of Soul event is a public event for those who want to experience this uplifting sound and the benefits that come from it.

What to Expect:
• Listen to a heart-opening spiritual quotation.
• Experience a 15-minute HU Chant and quiet contemplation.
• Share your spiritual experiences, just listen, or ask questions in a relaxed spiritual conversation.

Singing HU can change your life!
The most common result is a feeling of peace and calm.

Chanting HU can also bring:
• A subtle sense of divine love
• Expanded awareness
• A release of fears
• Answers and inner guidance

Sing this ancient and sacred chant, HU
This sacred sound is a love song to the Creator. It can open your awareness to see life from a higher perspective, one of divine love.

All faiths and beliefs are welcome.

To hear more about HU and experience HU for yourself: HearHU.org

This special in-person event is open to everyone—you're welcome to invite your family and friends if you'd like!