Nor Cal Headbangers Ball

Organizer Austin Spence of the Mendocino County Death Metal band EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT (Willits, Ca.) alongside Robin Krauss and The Mateel Community Center come together to bring the community a full day of Metal bands from all over the state and beyond for a festival called “Nor Cal Headbangers Ball”. The event features 13 of California’s most heaviest and prominent underground bands including Embryonic Devourment (Willits), Deathgrave (Oakland), Gore Fetish (Sacramento), Violent Opposition (Oakland), Katholic(Sacramento), Matt Miller (Oregon), Malicious Algorithm (Humboldt), Sadistic Hallucinations (Humboldt), Echoes Of Ruination (Humboldt), Bloodspire (Humboldt), and Locust Furnace (Humboldt). Robin Kauss will also be delivering a full spectrum lightshow experience that will be sure to throw things over the top. Co organizer Austin Spence says “Don’t let these band names scare you at all. These bands are some of the nicest and most wonderful people I’ve ever met and are so incredibly talented. All these bands speak about topics lyrically that are important and relevant to modern society such as Anti-war, saving the planet from pollution, and doing what’s right for humanity.

My own band Embryonic Devourment tends to be misconstrued at times and I’d like to explain the meaning behind our name. The world is a beautiful Embryo and the greedy corporations upon it are constantly devouring it and depleting it of its natural resources, never allowing it to reach it’s full potential. This in itself is the meaning of our band name Embryonic Devourment. We are pro Earth, we are Anti-war, and we care about our community. Our music is intense and may sound angry in sound but in all reality it’s very positive and a musical statement against the greed and pollution that constantly affects our well being.”

Austin Spence wants to remind people to support local music and try something different with a taste of extreme music for a change. He says “metal and rock n roll is what keeps us young… my dad is close to 70 years old and still enjoys listening to Black Sabbath and rocking out, and it shows in his youthful nature”.

The Festival will have food, vendors, merchandise from all the bands, a full 21+ beer lounge upstairs, and a large backyard outside area for relaxing as well .Bands will play inside the nice air conditioned venue and will start at 1pm and go til 10:30pm. Price will be $25 at the door – no advance tickets needed. All Ages and plenty of fun this upcoming June 29th! Sponsors include many of our local businesses and community members!