Ganja Yoga

Every Sunday starting June 2nd! Ganja Yoga is an infusion of Yoga and cannabis, mixed with calming breathing practices, story telling, philosophy, meditation, chanting, relaxation, live music, breathwork and sound healing. This is led in a way that is accessible, gentle, and enjoyable to all levels of practitioners.

Join us at Crisp Lounge with SF Bay Area‘s beloved Yoga & Meditation teacher, Jensen Curtis every Sunday at 10:30am - 11:45am for a truly unique experience in blending the best of both worlds, Yoga and Cannabis, to create an unforgettable experience you won’t forget!

Come be apart of this revolutionary union of fun, togetherness, enjoyment, learning, and join us in building a conscious, like-minded community of Yogis in Humboldt County!”

Jensen Curtis is a 11th generation Californian, born and raised in Petaluma CA, newly relocated to Humboldt County a few years ago to connect deeper with nature, and to build a brand new community.

Jensen holds nearly 20 years experience both as a NASM certified personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist, as well as being a yoga and meditation teacher, who holds weekly public classes, workshops, festivals and also leads retreats and leads teacher trainings. He’s had the privilege of studying yoga and meditation internationally in Europe, South America, Japan, Thailand, and India.

Jensen’s mission is to change and transform the fabric of humanity through building circles, groups, sangha, and safe places for those seeking refuge from the chaos of their lives. Jensen teaches in a way that is practical and accessible, easily, understandable, and applicable, with joy, passion, zest, and usually with a dash of awkward humor.

Jensen has the tact, skill, depth, and passion to meet each individual where they are, and to provide a healing environment coupled with a transformational experience that has helped to change thousands of people’s lives for the better through his classes and teachings.

He’s had the privilege of having over 20,000 service hours as a personal trainer, over 2,500 client placements since 2006, a solid following of students, but with only one mission, one vision, one direction, one goal, one gaze: directly on Unity, Loving Kindness, Compassion and Wisdom.