Comedian Rick Storer Featuring Sal Espana

RICK STORER is one of the premier stand up comedians of the Central Coast. Growing up in California, Rick performed improv comedy and live music, and gained a love for the stage, though he isn't super proud of the improv thing. His stand up comedy career began in 2016 when he got bored playing bass between the other comedians' sets and decided to take up the microphone himself. And he hasn't looked back.
Performing consistently over more than 7 years, Rick honed a knack for off-the-cuff riffing and crowdwork, as well as solidly hilarious material developed from stories and observations about his life. He has performed at clubs across the country, such as Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento, the Comedy Shrine in Chicago, and Levity Live in Oxnard. He can be seen on Man Up with Theo Von, and Eric Andre's Bad Trip, and a few other places he'd rather not talk about.
Featuring Sal Espana, Bijan Zaghaimi, and Markles. Comedy shows at Crisp are really unlike any other show, because it's in a smoking lounge. Tickets for sale at the door.