Behind Every Door: Deep Canvassing Techniques for Social Change

Dear Humboldt Organizers,
Happy Election Season! We are writing to extend an invitation on behalf of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee, in partnership with the Transparent Humboldt Coalition, for an upcoming skill building series. As agents for social change in Humboldt County, we recognize the importance of grassroots efforts in driving positive transformations within our communities. In that spirit we are launching "Behind Every Door: Deep Canvassing Techniques for Social Change," a series of deep canvassing training sessions to prepare activists for this election season and beyond.

Deep canvassing is an alternative to traditional GOTV or tightly scripted issues-based canvassing. Rooted in personal connection with and active listening to the voter, studies on deep canvassing have shown marked increase in both changes in opinion and the duration the effects of these interactions last. By engaging in meaningful conversations at the doorstep canvassers can cultivate empathy, build relationships, and mobilize support for causes that matter most.

We’ll also be instructing canvassers on the use of the Political Data Inc. (PDI) canvassing app, the tool that Humboldt’s Democrats use to organize canvassing lists and assign them to canvassers. Please bring the mobile device you plan to use when you canvass. The Transparent Humboldt Coalition will provide practice materials from their upcoming public information campaign against Rob Arkley’s “Housing for All” initiative, created with deep canvassing in mind. Feel free to bring other canvass materials to use during practice time.

Training will be provided by Thomas Edrington, a veteran activist with decades of community organizing experience across the nation, and deep canvass training from the Deep Canvass Institute and Changing the Conversation Together. Edrington provides strategic planning and organizing services to social change organizations locally and nationwide.