Arts Alive: Lori Goodman Talk and Demo

Continuation of Lori Goodman's solo show, JOURNEYS III with an artist talk and demonstration of her handmade paper technique before hand at 4:30-6:00pm. Stay after the talk to see Goodman's small and large scale natural fiber sculptures on display for Arts Alive. JOURNEYS III is the first installation at the new Black Faun Gallery location and is continued exploration for Goodman. “This show is a journey,” explains Goodman. “I have had many transformative journeys in my life. I have traveled, hiked, and lived in wonderful places. I am also fascinated by process. I want to know how the roof is thatched, how the hut is made, where the natural dye comes from, and how the hive or nest is constructed. These basic constructions are at the root of who we are and what we can do: all so very sophisticated in their simplicity. These forms also speak of community, of building together and using that which is found in our own environments.” Arts Alive will be accompanied by sidewalk screenings of The Black Dot Practice Project, a series of short, animated segments by members of the group, Artists Who Animate: Amy Uyeki, Brent Eviston, Julie McNiel, Kyle Couture and Steven Vander Meer. Each segment begins and ends on the same black dot, which seamlessly links each artist’s work together. The Black Faun Gallery is located at the corner of 2nd and G Streets in Old Town Eureka.