Get Outside and Help Humboldt State

Bayley Brown / Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 @ 3:22 p.m. / Humboldt

Do you remember that contest last year?  The nationwide contest that gave participants and schools prizes just for being outdoors?  The one where HSU was the national champion over 90 + universities, taking the crown as the "most outdoorsy campus in America"?  

It's back!  Outdoor Nation is asking students, community members and alumni to log their activies outdoors for four weeks on their app.  Best Part? You can win prizes from REI, North Face, Hydroflask, ENO, and more.  Last year HSU won a bunch of sweet backpacking gear for students to use for practically free.  

HSU Communications Major & Outdoor Nation Student Coordinator Scott McCrary and HSU's Digital Communications Coordinator Mike Dronkers took some time with me to head outdoors and talk about the contest while enjoying a pleasant walk/run in the forest.  


It starts on Monday, September 18.  To learn a bit more head to hsuoutdoors.humboldt.edu/